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Why did you decide to use or not use DNA information? How did you make the decision? What were the issues? I'm interested in both the facts and emotional journey of your experience. That said, it's your story - tell it how you will!   

If you are willing to share your story - tell it in your own way! Here are some topics to guide you - but it’s your story.

  • Why would using DNA information in your care be important to you?
  • How have you used DNA information in your care? or that of your children? or parents?
  • Describe any specific challenges that you encountered.
  • What did you need from your healthcare providers as you went through this journey?
  • Has using DNA information made a difference for you?
  • Did you have the opportunity to use DNA information in your care and decided not to?  Can you describe why not or what your concerns where? or what your families concerns were?

Not sure how to begin? Browse Stories others have shared or have a look at Online Story Resources.


My goal is to share insights learned from what you and others have to say about using or not using DNA information in healthcare. I'll analyze the stories for themes and show responses on this website, in short magazine articles, books, and in other educational formats.

Guidelines and thoughts to note: 

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Your name will not be connected with your personal responses or stories unless you give me permission to do so. 
  • I may not be able to post every story that is sent to me.
  • I may edit your story, review for themes, and package with other stories to provide education about use of DNA information in personalized healthcare.
  • By submitting this story you are giving me permission to display it on 
  • A risk of responding with your story is that writing it may cause you to re-experience emotions associated with the experience.

Written Submission

  • Use any type of word processing document.
  • I will also accept text directly through email.
  • Include a photo of yourself if you are comfortable with it being displayed on my site. (If not, no problem. I’m grateful for just the story.)
  • Submit to

Video submission

  • Record your story. 
  • Upload video file to or
  • Share link to video and permission with me through email at
  • I’ll post it on my site.

Chat with me: Informal Interview

  • Let’s set up a time to talk. 
  • I’ll collect your story through an informal interview.
  • Get in touch through email at I look forward to hearing from you.

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