Doctors In U.S. Use CRISPR Tool To Treat Patient With Genetic Disorder, Sickle Cell Disease

Germline Genome Editing in the Clinic remains controversial. You may remember the uproar about the use of gene editing by a Chinese researcher in babies? In 2017 a report from the National Academy of Sciences concluded that with stringent oversight, human germline genome editing could one day be permitted for serious diseases, but emphasis on any clinical use would be irresponsible at this time. It recommended setting overarching principles that should be used in governing human gene editing research. Since then, the science has moved rapidly forward, and the Chinese story necessitated revisiting of these issues in a recent meeting.  When and how should this technology be used in humans? To learn more about gene editing go here and/or read this book.

A current study for those with Sickle Cell Disease is now testing the effectiveness of gene editing as a treatment intervention for those living with the complications and pain of this disease. What are your thoughts about this type of research now? for the future?