Exploring the Current Landscape of Consumer Genomics - A Workshop

Upcoming roundtable meeting on Consumer Genomics to be held in Washington, DC October 29, 2019 beginning at 8:30 am. Have you ever seen the advertisements offering you to learn more about your genes or your ancestry? Ever wonder about what you might learn through the testing or how it might impact your personal health awareness?  If you want to learn more about what Consumer Genomic Testing is all about it would be worth your time to try and attend this workshop.

Discussions may include topics such as diversity of participant populations, impact on health literacy and engagement, knowledge gaps related to use in clinical care, and data privacy/security concerns. A broad array of stakeholders may take part in the workshop, including genomics and consumer genomics experts, epidemiologists, health disparities researchers, clinicians, users of consumer genomics research applications (e.g., consumers, patients), patient advocacy groups, payers, bioethicists, regulators, and policy makers.