New Pediatric Clinical Trial Testing Targeted Drugs for Childhood Cancers

Today enrollment for a unique precision medicine clinical trial. NCI-COG Pediatric Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (Pediatric MATCH) is a possibility! This nationwide trial is designed to explore whether targeted therapies can be effective for children and adolescents with solid tumors that harbor specific genetic mutations and have progressed during or after standard therapy. The genetic changes are found through genomic sequencing, which is a laboratory method used to determine the genetic makeup of cancer cells. Drugs to be evaluated in the study include: larotrectinib; tazemetostat; LY3023414; selumetinib; ensartinib; vemurafenib; olaparib.

To find a site, visit the Children’s Oncology Group institution locator page. The trial covers the cost of genomic sequencing of the tumor and blood sample. If patients are enrolled on a treatment arm, the study drugs will also be free of charge.