Ethicists Advise Caution But Recommend Use of Gene Editing for Humans

The New York Times (2/14, Harmon, Subscription Publication, 13.9M) reports that an “influential science advisory group” gave support to a “once-unthinkable proposition: clinical efforts to engineer humans with inheritable genetic traits.” The group “endorsed the alteration of human eggs, sperm and embryos – but only to prevent babies from being born with genes known to cause serious diseases and disability, only when no ‘reasonable alternative’ exists, and only when a plan is in place to track the effects of the procedure through multiple generations.”

More information also available

Plus, the site offers an educational program that covers CRISPRs history and discusses moral issues about Gene Editing and CRISPR

Some people think it's the beginning of going down the slippery slope to modification of the human species. Those with disorders that run in their families (inherited) would love to be able to prevent diseases in future generations using this new technology. What are your thoughts about the recommendations to move forward with gene editing?