The Office of Public Health Genomics just launched the Public Health Genomics Knowledge Base

June 4, 2015

The Public Health Genomics database is an online, searchable database of published scientific literature, CDC resources, and other material that addresses the translation of genomic discoveries into improved health care and disease prevention. The Knowledge Base is curated by CDC staff and is regularly updated to reflect ongoing developments in the field. This compendium of databases can be searched for genomics-related information on any specific topic. 

The following databases are included in the Knowledge Base

·         Discoveries and Insights Database: published scientific literature and popular press articles on current newsworthy genomics discoveries and applications

·         Health Impact Weekly Scan Database: published scientific literature on evidence-based translation of genomic discoveries into improved health care and disease prevention that have a potential impact on population health. The focus is on non-communicable diseases across the life span and features information on topics that include reproductive health, birth defects, newborn screening, chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes, pharmacogenomics, and family health history, guidelines and recommendations.

·         Pathogen Advanced Molecular Detection Scan Database: published scientific literature, popular press articles, tools, and databases on the emerging role of pathogen genomics and host-pathogen interactions in infectious disease control and prevention. It includes information on methods, evolution and pathogenicity, detection and diagnosis, outbreaks, epidemiology and transmission, antimicrobials, and vaccines and host-pathogen interactions.

·         Guidelines Database: current guidelines, policies, and recommendations on genomic research and practice from professional organizations, federal advisory groups, expert panels, and policy groups.

·         Evidence Classification Database: This database contains currently available genetic and genomic tests and family health history, classified into Tiers 1-3 by level of evidence.

·         CDC-Authored Genomics Publication Database: publications on genomics-related topics, and includes articles on infectious diseases, reproductive health, newborn screening, birth defects, developmental disabilities, genetic testing, chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes, environmental and occupational health, laboratory methods, bioinformatics, and statistical methods.

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