3rd Annual Boston Understand Your Genome® (UYG) conference Nov 14, 2017

Registration is now open for the November 14th interactive symposium in Boston, MA which provides you the opportunity to learn more about whole genome sequencing, informatics, and genomic medicine. Registration closes Sept. 1, 2017.

To learn more about what Whole Genome Sequencing(WGS) is visit here. Once you've read about this option, is this kind of testing something you would have interest in?  This conference allows you to register to hear all the content.  OR their other option allows you to register to hear all the speakers plus have WGS testing.  I'd love to hear your thoughts about your interest in having or not having WGS and why.

If you'd like to have more insight from a family member of someone who found through WGS that she had an inherited form of breast cancer and the implications of that for family members, read her story here